Take my money, Target: Cat & Jack’s unicorn coat

Unicorns are having a moment. It seems that they are everywhere, and I am loving it.

Which is why I went absolutely bonkers when I saw a mom in a mommy Facebook group post a photo of her daughter’s new unicorn winter coat from Cat & Jack at Target. Immediately I checked online to see if I could still procure this mystical unicorn coat for Stella. Magically, the coat was available online and in the store in her size, not to mention on sale for $25.

Stella and I ran out to Target yesterday and scooped up the last 5T they had (sorry Okemos and surrounding area mamas). She is so proud of her coat that I don’t have to ask her twice to put it on OR wear the hood up, which is a battle I’m happy to say I’ve now won thanks to this glorious, teal garment.

This gal is crazy for color, and I’m here for it.