Yep, I’m obsessed with The Container Store’s wrapping paper

When I moved to Chicago for grad school almost 10 years ago (woof… where did that decade go?), one of the favorite places my mom and I liked to go when she drove in to visit me was The Container Store. It seems quaint, considering there are two locations in the Metro Detroit area now, but at the time it was always an exciting adventure.

The best discovery we made during a pre-holiday visit to The Container Store was their Gift Wrap Wonderland. That place carries the most beautiful array of Christmas wrapping paper and coordinating accessories I have ever seen. I love that they range from very minimalist to vintage to whimsical to elegant and everything in-between.

Somehow in the last few years, it has finally clicked with me that buying quality paper makes wrapping presents easier and more enjoyable. And buying coordinating paper creates the opportunity to mix and match the paper for presents without them looking like a mixed bag of gift wrap scraps. I have learned from my mom how much presentation of presents makes all the difference. Her gifts are like pieces of art.

Even though I could probably make the trip to visit one of the Michigan locations, I decided to take a look at their wrapping paper online this weekend and I. Am. In. Love. I ended up placing an order for several rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, as well as some rolls that can be used for birthday gifts.

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous green and white Boxwood gift wrap or the whimsical Wild Holiday Animals gift wrap pictured above. I also found the beautiful Green Marrakesh paper that could be used for Christmas gifts or any other occasion.

And this might be my favorite non-Christmas find of the day: DONUT PAPER.

So if you’re ever looking for wrapping paper that takes it up several notches and makes gift giving even more fun, get thee to The Container Store. Or stay on your couch on a gloomy day like I did and go wild on their website!