take all of my money, Target

Hello my name is Stefanie and I, like many, am obsessed with Target. My heart goes pitter patter when I go through the automatic doors and see the rows of red carts. What treasures will be found on the shelves of the Dollar Spot? What seasonal items will be featured in the far back corner of the store? It’s all a rush. And, as a bargain shopper, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt to find already-affordable items wearing those pretty red sale stickers.

The transition from end of summer to fall is a bittersweet one. When it comes to Stella (and subsequently Margot… sorry kid, your life will be one of very cute hand-me-downs), I love using this time to stock up on marked-down summer clothes for the next year. And with Stella heading to her last year of preschool, it’s been fun to shop for back-to-school clothes.

I’ve already stocked her up on clothing from Carters and Old Navy, but it was tough to pass up some of the adorable finds at Target today.

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learning how to make pasta

I enjoy eating pasta as much as the next person, but it wasn’t until Aziz Ansari’s pasta obsession in “Master of None” that I realized how much I wanted to learn how to make it. The way Aziz is about food in general on that show speaks to me on a spiritual level.

When we watched the early episodes of the second season, with Aziz learning how to make pasta in Italy, Zack and I kept talking about wanting to finally learn the art of pasta.

After being married for eight years and together for 13, coming up with creative and thoughtful gifts for special occasions can be tough. That’s why we’ve leaned toward experience gifts lately: concerts, a weekend trip, tickets to a live event, etc. For our eighth wedding anniversary earlier this month, I did some Google-fu for pasta making classes in our area, and found the Lansing Pasta Company, founded by Nicholas Fila.

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etsy love: CreativeSpiritGlass

After a relatively quiet summer, wedding season has been on full blast this last month. Jen’s wedding was on August 5th, we had a family wedding the following weekend, and next weekend will be my college friend Sayee’s wedding in metro Detroit.

While I’m all about sticking to the registry when it comes to wedding and shower gifts, I’ve also enjoyed finding opportunities to give couples a timeless gift that will always remind them of their wedding day.

A favorite Etsy shop I’ve discovered is Anne Malone’s CreativeSpiritGlass. Anne is from Greenwich, Connecticut, and her shop is filled with beautiful stained glass art pieces, jewelry boxes, and sun catchers. Anne also creates custom-designed frames and keepsake boxes using invitations.

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making my best friend’s brooch bouquet

I first met Jen in the seventh grade, when she started going to Kingswood Middle School.  We had both just turned 12 years old. I remember going to her for advice about a friend because she seemed so wise to me, and since then we’ve been friends for almost 20 years.

Jen was my maid of honor when I got married in 2009, and earlier this month she got married to her fantastic husband McDonald. Although Jen and Mac weren’t having an official wedding party, I wanted to find a way to help Jen on her wedding day.

She’s an artist and was creating many of the wedding elements herself, from their illustrated portraits on the wedding invitations to the watercolor seating cards. When she mentioned in July that she had hoped to create a brooch bouquet but wasn’t sure she’d have the time, I volunteered. I wanted to create something memorable and special that she would be able to keep forever. Continue reading “making my best friend’s brooch bouquet”

That time Margot was the #Hamilkid of the week

Last September, my husband and I had the insanely good fortune of seeing “Hamilton” when we were in New York. It’s everything we had hoped for and more.

At the time, I was pregnant with our daughter Margot, and spent much of the show feeling her kick the right side of my tummy. Her favorite songs were with the Schuyler sisters.

My husband’s cousin Jessi made us an adorable set of embroidered onesies when our first daughter Stella was born, and we were treated to some very special ones from her when Margot was on the way. This “Hamilton” onesie is one of my personal favorites!

I tweeted this photo when Margot turned seven months old earlier this month and used the #Hamilkids hashtag. Little did I know our Hamilton baby would be featured on the newly-released Hamilton app as the #Hamilkid of the Week:

Nice work, sweet girl! And special thanks to my friend Jack for spotting Margot on the Hamilton app! 🙂


Someday, someday
Yeah you’ll blow us all away…

Hello my name is…

Hello and welcome! My name is Stefanie.

When I was in high school, I used to spend hours a night crafting LiveJournal entries filled with teen angst, song lyrics, and mindless quizzes.

Six years ago, I started a blog when I worked at FOX 47 in Lansing called The Pohlite Blog. I am not above puns, clearly. With The Pohlite Blog, I often wrote about local businesses I loved, shared recipes, and did reviews of traveling productions that performed at the Wharton Center. After a few years and website changes, The Pohlite Blog became no more.

Since then, I’ve been waiting for the right time and place to flex my writing muscles once again. As of this year I am a mom to two little girls, Stella and Margot. and am taking this time in my life to stay home and be with them. My husband Zack has always been supportive of my writing, and after having him and friends saying I should have a blog, I’m finally committing myself to making it happen.

I hope with this blog that I can share my adventures in mommyhood, the fun places I discover in mid-Michigan, the times I get a little crafty, and ultimately shed a light on all the things I love.

It’s most definitely a crazy wonderful time of my life.

Welcome to mostefinitely.