Loving: Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I met up with my friend Stephanie and her two girls for some fun in Mason, Michigan. Stephanie had some fun local spots up her sleeve: an early lunch at the adorable Depot Diner, and exploring Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage around the corner.

When we first walked into Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage, I fell in love! The store was already in full Christmas mode, with so many beautiful signs, decorations, and ornaments made out of reclaimed wood and metal. I’ve been trying to keep myself from getting too excited about Christmas, at least until we could get through Thanksgiving. But at the store, I couldn’t resist a “Ho Ho Ho” sign made out of wood and old license plates.

I also found some great gifts, which I’m not at liberty to write about until after Christmas, but I will say they have a ton of unique things that any Spartan or Wolverine would love!

I never knew this place existed, but it has made all of my vintage-loving dreams come true. It’s definitely worth a visit when you’re in the area.

Today, we spent the afternoon getting out a lot of our Christmas decorations at the house. I’ve been collecting Santa Claus figures the last couple of years from Target. They’re typically $10, but I’ve been able to scoop up a couple the day after Christmas at 50% off. Now that I have a little collection going, I thought it would be fun to line them up on our mantle.

I’m so happy with how our new “Ho Ho Ho” sign works with the Santas and our family’s stockings:

Now the question is, will I be able to resist another visit to Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage before the holiday? I’m thinking not. So I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one searching for this JOY sign:

Photo by Michigan Barn Wood & Salvage