Two-ingredient pancakes to make anyone smile

At 10 months old, Margot is well into eating solids, and it’s safe to say she is such a happy eater. Despite not having any teeth yet, she has been enjoying bites of table food as well as her purees for the last several months.

When Stella was first getting into solid foods, I discovered a recipe for quick and easy pancakes in a mommy Facebook group. The best part about them is that they only require two ingredients: banana and eggs. They were a great option for introducing eggs (gotta get that protein in) with the sweetness of the banana, and strangely enough, they basically look and taste like regular pancakes! I also loved having an option for using up an overripe banana that didn’t involve banana bread.

I continued to make them for Stella even as she got older as a healthier and easier alternative to regular pancakes. But now her diet mostly consists of peanut butter sandwiches, applesauce, yogurt, cheese sticks, and bananas, so our little miss picky hasn’t wanted to have anything to do with the pancakes in the last year.

This week I decided to make them for Margot, and it looks like our family is 2 for 2 when it comes to the two-ingredient pancakes!

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